When Shoes and Banana Met

Pedder Red S/S 2014 x Banana Graffiti

photo by Twee

Shoes and nanas, it's too good to see the two of my most favourite things on the universe met!   

Not only does Pedder Red bring us a collection of functional yet quirky and stylish shoes and bags this season, it has also brought us the innovative Marta Grossi, the artist mum of her edible project  "Banana Graffiti" . Marta hand-customized a banana at night, photographed it with her iPhone 5, then ate it the next morning. This project doesn't only sound cool but it tastes cool too~ I mean...hey~ who doesn't like edible art pieces!?

Marta has obivously proven that inspiration is everywhere, and so does Pedder Red Spring Summer 2014 Collection! From sexy ankle heels, cheeky clown loafer and clutches, dressy metallic ballet flats, to sporty animal motif printed slip-on sneakers, PD has, again, fullfiled every single girl's need =)


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