Sculpting Shine, Envying Shine

{ Estee Lauder Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick in "Nude Angel" & 
High Intensity Lip Lacquer in "Vinyl Rose" }

Lipstick to me is as essential as water, I always have at least one in my bag. When I am not attending event or doing photo shoot, I try to stay away from face makeup and just put a bit of lippy on. Never underestimate that little bit of lip colour! It will always make a huge change – rather than looking like a sick person, I look alive again =)

So collecting lipstick has become my part-time job and this time, I’ve come across the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick. When I heard that this lipstick is specially created for Asian women to complement the natural beauty of us I was like “Hell Yeah~!Finally something for our thin lips!” I really have no complaints after trying it on my lip as it provides enough, but never too much, shine and moisture and that subtle shine does help sculpting a fuller pout ( who doesn’t want to look feel like AngelinaJolie hey?!)

I was really indecisive (as always) when picking colour as this collection comes in 16 different shades. After thinking for 3628 hours, I have decided to have it in Nude Angel for a more elegant take. I could have gone for a sexier look with a more orange-y shade (Surreal Sun) or a cooler look with a dark plum colour ( Pure Demure) but I guess it’s time for me to learn about elegance =P

Wanna know how I will look with the Nude Angel? Stay tuned for the outfit post ;)