{ Black Velvet Underwire Bustier Skater Dress, c/o American Apparel // Bardot Sunglasses // Converse Sneakers // Hat from Thailand }

Photo by Kenze

When traveling, I always tend to pack way more clothes than I actually need as I am too scared of repeating outfits but the reality is that I only have 20kg of luggage (sometimes 30kg if I am lucky enough to get upgraded but you only know it at check-in so this doesn't really help)~ So, what I always do is to pack more dresses, especially Little Black Dress, this is because A) dresses are most of the time lighter than a set of outfit; B) Black dresses can never ever go wrong, even with the most hilarious colour shoes/handbag; and C) dresses are easy - slip it on and you're ready to go, which means you won't waste too much time on deciding what to wear (isn't it the most important thing during holidays?)

What's your packing routine?


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