Godiva Winter Wonderland

Godiva "Winter Wonderland"

I spent an early Christmas at Godiva winter wonderland couple of weeks ago. I was obviously too busy eating their renowned chocolate and didn't have much time taking photos =P Not only did I have at leat 2 pieces of freshly-made waffles topped with Godiva's ice-cream, but I also had numerous pieces of "Sapin Lait Noisette Canelle"- a super cute Christmas-Tree-shaped chocolate with cinnamon, a touch of ginger, and milk chocolate coating! I can never have enough of cinnamon~

Micko the talented fashion illustrator was also the highlight of the night! In just 2-3 minutes and an ipad, he could easily draw a quirky yet lively portrait out! How amazing is that?!

Christmas is just round the corner, have you deicided what pressies to get for family and friends yet?


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