American Eagle Oufitters "Live Your Life" Style Jamming

{ Timberland Denim Shirt // Supre Bralet // 
Vintage Leather Shorts // Pedder Red Slip On Sneakers }

American Eagle Oufitters "Live Your Life" Competition

I had the absolute pleasure of being the guest stylist and blogger for American Eagle Outfitters' "Live Your Life" style competition over the weekend. Alongside four other super cool and talented Hong Kong bloggers - Visala from V is for Visala , Fa Fa from Hippy Monday , Elma form Elma Li Conve , and Carrie from Carrie Bloomwood - we worked as guest stylists on the day to help the contestants to put together outfits. We only had 20 mins to go around the shop and pick the items we needed so it was a rather challenging task.

There were a total of 10 contestants and each blogger would be assigned to two contestants originally but one was absent so one of the bloggers only worked with one contestant and yeh, that was me =p

I was assigned to Nick, a super bubbly and cheerful guy which I felt very lucky to have as both of us are very straight foward in terms of style so it only took me about 10 minutes to put together an outfit for him. Nick didn't like anything too dressy nor too dark in shade so I had chosen a camouflage stuffed vest and a sweater with tiger head print for him. The theme of this competition was jeans so the bottom of the outfit had to be jeans but as you all know that, I don't really like anything too traditional so instead of having a pair of blue jeans, I've got Nick a pair of beige jeans. I also wanted to wrap the outfit up with a hint of classiness so I get Nick to wear a denim shirt underneath the sweater. I guess the collar made the whole get up looked a lot smarter, do you reckon? As a menswear lover, I have to admit that it was extra extra fun to do a style jam from the mens section (giggling~~), especially when American Eagle Outfitters has such a massive mens section =)

I think I was super lucky to have just one contestant or else I wouldn't be able to finsh two outfits in time =P Seriously great repect to other bloggers!!

Last but not least, I finally had the opportunity to meet the renowned Janice from Popbee , who's invited as a guest host to open up the event. She is one of the lovliest and friendliest person I have ever met! I was such a little fan and alomst asked her for autograph (almost!)

I hope you guys will enjoy this post as much as I've enjoyed the event! Will talk to you guys soon!


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