Real Sneakers

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If you've been reading my blog, you'd have known that I am big fan of sneakers since the very beginning. When I say sneakers I mean real athletic sneakers that you can literally run in. I was so super excited when I first saw sneakers being styled/featured on street style photos and editorial! Imagine the style you've been wearing for years had finally bloomed =D

Although I have already got about 6 pairs of sneakers at home, the New Balance 410, New Balance 420, Onitsuka Tiger California 78 Vintage, Onitsuka Tiger
Sakurada nylon, and many pairs of Nike Air Max are still on my will-buy list /wishlist.

If you haven't got a pair of sneakers yet, go get yourself a pair today and join me and the rest of the sneakers lovers! If you've already got a pair but would love some inspiration on how to style them, here are some of my most favourite sneakers looks! You can also read how I style one pair of sneakers in 5 different ways here (the last look will be up soon~) =)

When the wedges sneakers trend are totally overheated, I guess it's time for everyone to go back to the real sneakers ! You wouldn't want to wear a style that everyone else is wearing, would you?


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