{ Vintage Leather Jacket // T by Alexander Wang Pocket T-shirt //
Skirt from Hong Kong }

Hello lovers, sorry for being MIA.I wasn't meant to but the face was that I was very sick and have actually spent two days of last week in the hospital.Being sick was definitely torturing ,not just physically but also mentally,but I was lucky enough to have all the love and support from family and friends around me and of course to have my man beside taking good care of me.

Being able to hop around under the sun with you favourite gelato is a definitely a gift~!Take good care of yourself and never ever take good health for granted =) (I'll remember!)

Anyway, I got myself this vintage leather jacket about a month ago. To be honest, this jacket is way way way too big on me but the rock and cool silver components and the patchwork detail on sleeves just add so much Alexander-Wang-Vibe to the jacket so tell me, how could I resist?


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