Leather Air

{ Denim Front Button Shorts , Courtesy of American Apparel // Timberland Denim Shirts // Monki Clutch //
Ezzentric Topz Vintage Jacket // ASOS Sunnies //
Nike Air Max Sneakers }

If you're a newbie to sneakers, I'd suggest Nike Air Max to you to start with~ I swear they're the most comfy, bouncy, and fashionable sneakers ever and the most important thing is, they're very flattering!

p.s. Thanks American Apparel for this pair of cool denim shorts ~! I love them =)

p.p.s My mum reads my blog everyday so I'm leaving her a message here : Dear Mum, this pair of sneakers is what I've chosen for my birthday on your behalf . Thanks for your present , heheheh =P


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