Cheeky Chicks

{ Ezzentric Topz Vintage Denim Shirt //
Ezzentric Topz Paradise Dress Set in Cheeky Chicks,
available at Design A Space Fitzroy store }

I felt 10 years younger when wearing all these cheeky little cuties =)

What have been happening at our side :

1) Bought a pair of chunky platform heels from Steve Madden
2) Picking new stock for Ezzentric Topz Surprise
3) Went to the beach and had done a bit of snorkeling
4) Organizing for an up-coming clearance sale for Ezzentric Topz
   Vintage (Yeahhhh!)
5) Having a strong craving for Japanese all-you-can-eat =P

So what have you guys been up to?


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