Nick It

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80s VINTAGE Blue Grey Pattern Cut Out Back Drape Bow Tie Retro Party Mini Dress

90s VINTAGE Neon Pink Blue Floral Funky Boho Babydoll Grunge Mini Party Dress

90s VINTAGE Light Blue Retro Denim Oversized Boyfriend Jumpsuit Jeans Overall

VINTAGE Black Sheer See Through Collar Babydoll Mini Smock Shirt Blouse Dress

80s VINTAGE BLack Red CHeckered Tartan High Waisted Full Ballet Tulle Maxi Skirt

80s VINTAGE Navy Blue White Pattern Retro Mod Shorts Overall Jumpsuit Playsuit

80s 90s VINTAGE Blue High Waisted Grunge Oversized Boyfriend Denim Jeans Shorts
Oversized denim cutoffs have been my current favourite~ I love that 90s laid-back  go-nick-your-boyfriend's-wardrobe style! Wearing something boyfriend-esque actually makes me feel more like a girl. Does this make sense at all?!?!?lol~ Well, at least it dose to me =)


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