Hi-top Wedges Kicks Are The New Black

Isabel Marant Wedges Kicks

Oh dear~ Why are you so beautiful? I can totally picture that you'll go so-very-super cute with all things short/mini/micro but it's a sham that you're not anything which I can afford, sob sob =(

No matter how many times I've dreamt of these babies, I still cannot justify their price (more than US$600 for a pair of kicks?!). While I was searching all over the web looking for cheaper second-handed ones, I saw a very affordable alternative at Rubi shoes!!! (HOORAY!) I have yet had time to go to their city stores to try them on but once I've got my feet into them and have made sure that they're stable enough, I'll then make my purchase without any hesitation!!!!

so please WAIT FOR ME dear Rubi shoes Isabel Marant-esque sneakers!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!


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