Gingham Bat

{ Vintage Skirt as Dress // Vintage Loafers //
Bat bag from Hong Kong // Monki Sunnies }

I have an obsession on pulling skirt up to my chest. No matter on how long/short a skirt is, I'll just pull it up as long as its waist is wide enough. You'll be surprised to see how a skirt can fit so nicely as a top/tube dress/cape. =)

After the so-super-duper-very long Xmas and New Year holiday, we officially went back to work yesterday and it was........HARD!! LOL

The hardest thing was not going back to the routine but to deal with a rather time consuming issue on our very first day. Oh well, it's kind of settled for now so let see whether will the luck come to our side~

The first working day of the year was already challenging, 2012 will only be an more exciting and a better year~! New year resolution? Nothing else but to stay healthy and happy~ =)


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