{ Random Cropped Tee // Ezzentric Topz Bubble Stamp Skirt //
Monki Clutch & Sunnies // Vintage Loafers }

Hi everyone, how's your super long weekend been? Isn't it hard to go back to work after such a long holiday? Or are some of you still on hols ??

My Christmas day was quiet but it was definitely a devastating day to those families who's located at the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The Christmas day hail storm had destroyed so many homes and cars in that area and residents will have to spend the rest of the year clearing up the aftermaths.

People who's in the fashion industry /into fashion like you and me always only see beautiful things happening but have forgotten how people and animals are suffering at the other end of the world.  Perhaps we should all spend a bit less on clothes and shoes each months and have that bit donated to charity ?

We should all be thankful to who we are and what we have and never take things for granted =)


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