Negative Plus Negative

{ American Apparel Unisex See Thru Short Sleeve T-shirt // Monki Denim Skirt // Vintage Belt // Celine Clutch // Ezzentric Topz Clogs // Market Socks }

A negative plus a negative equals to positive. Wearing two blues made me happy =)

Despite the fact that it's see through, this AA t-shirt was surprisingly warm! It's not that hot yet but I could still live comfortably with this tee under a 19oC afternoon.

I've been quite busy with choosing new stock for Ezzentric Topz Surprise so didn't really have time to cook that often lately. Having too much fast food and take away caused my skin to break out. It's not a major one but it still looks unpleasant. I guess a detox session with lots of vegies and fruits is needed~!

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