Roller Doll

{Ezzentric Topz Vintage Mesh Oversize Tee - Available IN STORE this coming Monday // American Apparel Satin Charmeuse Roller Short // Shanghai Tang Clutch // Topshop Heels }

I think i look a bit lost in the first picture =P

Sorry for not posting in the past few days, it has been a hectic week so far:

1) get prepared for our "IT Shoe" giveaway - still working on the very last bit, it can hopefully be launched early next week on the blog and on our New FACEBOOK Page
2) Trying to have our fans moving to the New FACEBOOK Page - it's hard and 

only the minority have moved

3) Taking photos for all the new arrival for Ezzentric Topz surprise - including some playful yet chic geeky glasses and some sweet yet edgy collars.

4) Getting quote from our car repairer and our insurance company- little car got reversed into by an intimidating lady last week =(

....and there was heaps more

Could only squeeze some time out to take these shots yesterday night.
I've been addicted to night shots / shots with flash since I've got my flash early this year. Shooting at night is much easier for me, at least you don't have to sit there for the whole day waiting for the sun to come out.....for just 2 minutes.

Wish you all a fun weekend! Don't forget to join our NEW FACEBOOK page and remember to stay tuned for our " IT Shoes" Giveaway!


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