Red Lip and Pants

{ Tee : Illustrated People // Pants : Vintage // 
Wedges & Bat Bag : Hong Kong }

I was super happy to see Mr sunshine popping out today.Catching the sunlight here in Melbourne is as hard as seeing it snow in Hong Kong so I basically just get changed in 30 seconds after I got up and rushed out for a light lunch and then did a mini outfit shots.

I'd say that today's outfit is so not "twee" ! I only wear pants once or twice a year and have never worn a bright red lip out. I always think that I don't look good in pants and just don't have the guts for such an eye-catching lip but well, I guess we have to be open to try as many style as possible in order to score the one which suits us the best, don't we?

Keep warm my lovelies~


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