New Arrivals - Ezzentric Topz Vintage

Some of the latest arrivals at Ezzentric Topz Vintage. I was having so much fun with my new AA twisted head band and a newly purchased vintage shirt (the one in the third picture)! They're just way too versatile!! I'm loving these beige babies =)

from top to bottom

1)VINTAGE Black White Dot Cut Out Off Shoulder Mini Dress
2)VINTAGE Burgundy Pleated High Waisted Full Length Skirt
3)VINTAGE Green/Khak​i High Waisted Pleated Retro Shorts
4)VINTAGE Black High Waisted Pleated Retro Pants/Trou​sers
5)VINTAGE Navy Blue White Nautical Summer Blazer Jacket

There's heaps more new stuff at store now, click here to check them out~


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