Sneak Peek of Ezzentric Topz Surprise Collection Vol.3 - After-Gym Skirt

{Grey Bodysuit: Vintage; Sneakers: Converse}

After-Gym Skirt
(Also available in Black and Water Melon Red)
by Ezzentric Topz Surprise

By the name of it, you can tell that the After-Gym skirt is designed for after gym,~I'm a sports lover, but being a fashion addict at the same time, I still want to look nice and chic after exercising. However, bringing the whole outfit sounds too fussy so while I was looking for a solution, I came up with this skirt~!

After-Gym Skirt has the loveliest tulle shape with the most minimalist design! It goes amazingly well with sporty tee, sports bra, hiking boots, and sneakers~!With this all-seasons-and-all-purpose skirt, you'll look effortlessly chic after your gym session =)

What do you guys think about this idea?

The last Vol. of our sneak peek will be coming up soon!If you have not yet seen our other Sneak Peek of Ezzentric Topz Surprise, check them out~!


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