Sneak Peek of Ezzentric Topz Surprise Collection Vol.2 - Bunny-hop Petticoat & Sh Sh Skirt

{Oversized Tee: American Apparel; Grey legging: Uniqlo; Loafers:Vintage}

Bunny-hop Petticoat
(Also available in black, beige, and grey)
by Ezzentric Topz Surprise

The Bunny-hop petticoat is a perfect little one for mix and match!! If you've been reading my blog, you'll notice that I am quite tomboy style-wise but i still want a pinch of girly essence in my outfit sometimes, this little one is just perfect as a girly touch~! But of course, you can also go full on girly with the Bunny-hop! It won't go wrong~!

{Mesh top: Vintage}

Black Sh Sh Skirt 
(also available in pale pink and pastel green) 
One-Piece Clog Wedges
All by Ezzentric Topz Surprise

Sh Sh is the nickname of my best friend. She's as beautiful as a doll and so does this skirt. Made with multiple layers of sheer and chiffon like material, this skirt has the most gorgeous shape! I dare to say Sh Sh skirt is the loveliest tulle skirt I've ever seen (and of course with a very affordable price~ =P)

P.s. Feel free to email us for a quote if you're interested in any of these skirts.


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