Monki Opening in Spet in Hong Kong


I didn't know about the Swedish brand Monki until Mageret from Shine By Three had done a brief introduction of it few days ago. I immediately fell in love with this brand after i saw their clothes!They are really minimalist and Alexander-Wang-esque!

Today, I came across an even more exciting news!Guess what, Monki is opening in Hong Kong in this Spet!!!That means i can do a little shopping spree at Monki when I go back in X'mas~!

From now on, i'll be adding a short paragraph of comments in Chinese in every entry. I am wishing to share my style, taste, and all the beautiful stuff with more and more people by doing this, hope you guys will like my idea ^^

大家好!由今天開始我會在每一個entry中都加入一段中文的對照/感想,希望藉此能夠和更多不同地域又同樣熱愛fashion的俊男美女們一同分享我對時裝的少許見解。但說到底最希望的也其實是跟大家分享一切的美事吧 =)

剛從我最愛的中文blog PopBee 中得知Monki 要在香港開店了!Monki 的設計非常簡約但卻不失"有型"!真的非常合我心意啊,hoho~ 12月回港時(小女子正在澳洲的墨爾本跟男友打理網上時裝生意 =P)一定要大逛特逛!不知價錢貴不貴呢?


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