Alexander Wang Cotton-knit cropped sweater


I love cropped top. Especially Alexander Wang ones.

A while ago, i cropped a knitted jumper myself and thought that it'd be the best thing i've ever altered! But the outcome was not as expected! The fraying hem and those shredded yarn just drove me mad!! I tried to sew the hem back but it didn't work, the hem curled up after a while. I couldn't really wear it out but still didn't want to waste the effort, so I wore it at the photo shot of my blog header. I do still want to try cropping one myself, is there any tips for hemming knitted jumper??


我愛短身的上衣,特別是Alexander Wang 的。

之前, 我也把一件針織毛衣剪短了, 並心想:"這會是我的出品中最好的一件"。可是效果未如理想~衣腳都"披口"了,而且毛冷碎也不停地脫下來。我有試過把衣腳縫好, 但這樣只弄巧成拙。大家對縫紉毛衣的衣腳有心得嗎?

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