In Store Now : Gold Navy Oversized Hounstooth

{Blazer: available at Ezzentric Topz Vintage now; Hoodie: Uniqlo; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedges}

Hello everyone, I'm excited to announce that instead of just posting what we've shot for our eBay store here as a "new arrival review", I've decided to do at least ONE (ideally two to three if i can manage it) new item/outfit post every week. 
In that way, you guys can have a different perspective of what we're selling and also to get an idea of how I play around with vintage pieces. How does that sound??? =)

So here is my first attempt with this funky  
Vintage X Large Houndstooth Print Navy/Gold Balloon Sleeve Blazer

This X large houndstooth has really caught my eyes! If you've been reading my blog, you may notice that i'm a monotone girl and not a big fan of patterns since i always think that patterns are very hard to handle. But when i came across this blazer, i realize that no matter how crazy the print is, as long as it comes in a subtle colour combination, it'll still be manageable.
So I teamed this blazer up with a plain hoodie (hoodie is always my lover) to modernise the 80s funkiness a little bit.

Hope you guys will like my very first store review, to see more stuff from Ezzentric Topz Vintage, click here.

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