Chunky Monster

 {Burgundy Scraf: Vivienne Westwood; Navy Blue Jumper: Dimmey's; Cut Off Denim Shorts: Vintage Levi's; Stripy Thigh High Socks: Disel; Chunky Stripe Platform Sandal: Thrifted}

bought this pair of brand new chunky platform monster from opp shop last week, aren't they miu miu-esque?! these photos are not showing the details of them so let me descrip them to you. There're peep toe with multiple horizontal straps and are sling -black.

I was wearing them for the whole day today till late afternoon then disaster struck... two straps on both shoe came off from the base, a large part of the left sole became detached. I was soooo angry/disappointed/unhappy/depressed.... to see this happened only because I LOVE THEM!!!so no matter how much it'll cost(heard from friends that it's very expensive to fix shoes here in Australia, comparing to Hong Kong) , i'll definitely get them fixed!!sob sob =(

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