our very first pair of Gordon Ears

Our very first pair of "Gordon Ears" (ETVers ed.) were finally born and were sent out to their first new owner couple of days ago~! Have fun with them!!!!!
Same as the felt bow, these ears were originally only made for the photo shoots.

However, i've been getting messages from my beloved ETVers asking about them. i could not be happier to received these enquiries and decided to start producing them for sale!

The ETVers edition is in a much upgraded version in terms of stucture and materials compare to the pair which i wear in the potos! The firm pressed felt base just allow the ears to sit so nicely on your head for the whole day!The hair clip which attached at the back just makes them so flexible!you can arrange them in different position for different look!

I love making them and have already bought a bagful of different sequins and leather pieces for adding different details on my 2nd, 3nd, 4th,..100th pair of Gordon Ears! What colour do you like? They can be Made to Order!

Last but not least, Ezzentric Topz will be launching a collection of "Buy It Now" items soon!There will be beautiful heels, bags, and dresses!So stick with us and don't miss out!