ladies & gentelmen,

i'd love to introduce my new babies

creme cropped knitted cropped jumper & mini tulle skirt set

poor crying boy cotton mini shift dress

vintage navy blue velvet sailor mini dress

vintage creme faux fur leather detail jacket

i can say that i love these new babies as much as i love my choc chip hot cross bun( i'm just addicted to it! lol)what do you guys think of my pick?are they too plain???

i think i love the fur the best~ it's just too hard to find a faux fur with leather detail which fits me perfectly!!!this is one of the staples which i'll definitely pass on to my daughters in the future!!

i was playing around with them and have come up with this outfit:
{#2+#4+vintage golden chain + light beige cotton stockings}

do you think this will work on me??i may take the chain off actually~


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