new members.

happy CNY and belated V day!wish you all a beautiful and sweet year with lots of new clothes, shoes, yummy food, and LOVE!

i've got some new members arrived home last week

1. a leather camera care which i've been longing for - nick (my DSLR...yep, i'm those gals who love to name their belongings)fits so nicely in there! i'm so glad that nick can finally move out from his ugly black home!the most important thing is this fellow is not heavy at all which is even more impressive!

2. an ultimately sweet white china tea set tray with milk and sugar jar on each side- this is something i've been longing for too! i really wanted something that looks nice and can hold up flowers, which i can place on my kitchen this is the one! (flowers from the boy for Valentine's Day, they have a very elegant scent)

3&4, lovely lovely heels- couldn't help myself when i came across these two pairs. platform is such a big thing this year so i think i'll just pretty much glue my feet on them this winter!they both look stunning with short socks on, love them!

didn't really celebrate Valentine's day since we're pretty much spending the whole day and night on this week's listing. there're so many lovely stuff that i really don't want to part with! these are the two that i really like


this dreamy creamy vanilla colour just makes me feeling like a princess


another very cudly one!i just wish that i can wear the exact same outfit(including the ears) with socks and my new platform heels out in this winter, so wish me luck with finding a remebling one!

heaps of other beautiful finds are IN SOTRE now!hope you all can find yourself a new member for your wardrobe!